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Barry Edwards
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Dr Edwards graduated Sydney University in 1963, and has had a Dental Implant Research and Evidence Based Practice London 1963-2015. He is a Fellow & Diplomat of the ICOI since 1968 and completed his Primary FDS RCS course in 1969. He was Vice-president of the British Endosseous Implant Society 1968-74, International Lecturer and Course Organiser for International Congress of Oral Implantologists 1968 to 1995, Founder and Founder Chairman ADI (Association Dental Implantology) 1986-1988, Honorary Chairman ADI 1988 and became an Honorary Life Member of Association of Dental Implantology in 2003. He has been the MD, Research Officer and Consultant & Lecturer for Intoss Dental Implant Systems Ltd 1987, is acknowledged in the literature as the inventor of the machined angled hex-lock dental implant abutment and holds many patents around ground breaking Dental Implant and prosthetic components since 1986 to present. Publications in Implant Dentistry, Biomaterials, ADI Journals, International Journal of Oral Implantology, Handbook for Dental Nurses- Heinemann Ltd International Lecturer – Countries including U.K., USA, Australia, Spain, Portugal, France, Norway, Denmark, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Brunei & UAE. 1965- 2015 Research into Dental Implant Coatings at University College, Stanmore 1987 Research advisor to University of Leeds Dental College and Bath University Engineering Faculty 1989-1997 - Clinical Research of dental implants. Founder and Director of The Dental Implant Centre, 61 Harley Street, London 1992-2009 Lecturer ADI Basic Science Implantology Course 1989-1993 President British Dental Association Metropolitan Branch 2001 Treasurer BDA (Met Branch) 1996-2015 ConsultantAdvisor – The Dental Implant Centre 1999-2015 Admitting Privileges London Clinic, Wellington Hospital and London Bridge Hospital 1985-2007 Dental implant clinician and mentor at thirty five practices in the UK 2015
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